The Pros and Cons of my Subscription Packages.

So I have several subscriptions but not all offer the same benefits. So here is a little post detailing want each sub offers.


Price: $3

Pros: Exclusive Content

Cons: Content gets removed from the package after a month.

Summary: Could be considered the cheapest sub I offer depending on how you view it. You could end up getting access to multiple audios that range from around $6 to $12 for only $3 a month.


Price: $1, $5, $10, $15

Pros: Bloopers, Discount Codes for shops and commissions, Voting for Public Content, Ability to use Paypal, Exclusive Content (for highest tier)

Cons: Highest tier (which offers exclusive content) is $15.

Summary: If you’re really into discounts, voting power benefits, and/or want the ease of using Paypal, this sub may be for you.


Price: $3, $10, $15

Pros: Lowest tier includes exclusive content, Bloopers, Request Tier, Commission discount,

Cons: Can’t use Paypal. Not a lot of benefits.

Summary: A simple package for those who are more focused on getting exclusive content at a low price.

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