Public Audio Poll- March 2022

Join my patreon to choose which two audio you would like to be released to the public.

Let There Be Us: Kasady X Carnage audio. In this meet/cute from hell, a serial killer and an alien full of hatred join forces. Features: Tentacles/Consentacles, Transformation

Big Shot: Spamton X Listener audio. Spamton is caught up in some [[silly strings]] which makes it hard for him to [[ if you experience any sexual difficulty, call this number]]

The Tentakel: Geraskier audio. A monster gets too handsy ( or more like tentacley) with Jaskier…much to Geralt’s annoyance. Features: M/M, Tentacles/Consentacles, Anal, Handjob, Overstimulation

Don’t Die on Me: Geraskier audio.  Geralt and Jaskier have an “intense” conversation.  Features: M/M, Anal, Slight domination, Emotions?

Advent:  Continuation of Pray. This time…the demon is staying. Features: Oral, Rimming, Religion, M/M

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