Community Guidelines

While I enjoy fanworks, please understand that as an indie creator, I have to be clear about boundaries and what forms of transformative works I allow with my content. This is not only for my safety but for those who work for me as well.

What I’m fine with/Do not need to ask my permission for:

Fanart, Fanfic, and Cosplay* 

*I only ask that you keep my characters of color as such in fanart. With cosplay, I’m fine with people of any race cosplaying them as long as you don’t commit any black/brown/yellowface. I also wish to not see my character portrayed in any dark and/or immoral kinks. If you feel to disregard my feelings on any of this, I at the very least I ask you not to @ me on any socials to show off your “fanworks”.

I do not give permission to: 

Engage with my content if you are below the age of eighteen.

Share my content (including clips and samples) on TikTok, Amino, or any platform geared toward an underage audience

Make Gacha Life videos from or about my content.

Repost/Reupload my content.

Harass anyone, be they VAs, Fans, Nonfans, etc.

Use A.I. generation or tools to produce any kind of fan work.

Use A.I. to replicate any voice actor associated with my content.

Ask me [Please ask first before doing any of the following below. I’m not a  “ask forgiveness than to get permission” type of person.]:

Making Translations.

Making any fan videos or audio. 

Making any fan games or interactive media.

Making erotic cosplay pictures or videos!

Making animation

Commissioning someone for art of my characters.


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