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New Exclusive Audio: Let Sleeping Witchers Lie

If Jaskier won’t go to sleep, Geralt will MAKE him. CW: M/M, Anal, Fuck to Sleep, Talks of Death Now out on: Patreon | Substar | Itch.io | Gumroad (single) | Gumroad (subs) | Bandcamp | 

Help With Sound Design and Writing Costs.

So besides paying for VAs a LOT other fees go into creating the work I do. I have programs for captioning, for editing scripts, not to mention to cost of music and sound effects. With the end of the year coming, this means I’m going to have to renew subscriptions for a lot of these […]

The Witch Who Cried Wolf (Exclusive). From Lust Til Dawn.

A witch accidentally turns her boyfriend into a werewolf. CW: M/F, Werewolf, Cunnilingus, Anal, Vaginal Now out on: Patreon | Substar | Itch.io | Gumroad (single) | Gumroad (subs) | Bandcamp |  A vampiric Jack Ripper is on the loose. Jaskier goes undercover to bring the monster out. Geralt can’t help but find the bard’s disguise a bit too distracting. CW: M/M, Vampire, Sex work, Possessiveness, Biting, […]


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