Cmakesp, or known as Chelsea outside the NSFW community, is a Queer Black American woman currently living in Japan. She enjoys Animation, Fashion, Videogames, and Sewing.

Cmakesp – LGBTQ+ Erotica audio creator/Podcaster.

Chelsea enjoys romance, comedy, and the audio medium. She’s also a huge pervert and decided to combine all her four loves to create queer-focused erotic audio.


Sound Design




Past and Current Projects

Fuck Humans
(2019 – currently on indefinite hiatus)
An erotic LGBT+ podcast about Bask, a dragon, & Angel, a human, exploring their feelings for each other in a world where such relationships are forbidden

(2020 – currently on indefinite hiatus)
An anthology monster erotica fiction podcast.

Gummy and The Doctor
(2021 – currently ongoing)
A cute, light-hearted, erotic picture drama that explores gender, bodies, and embracing failures.

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