Several updates: New Public Audio/Possible New Tier perk/ Mini Crowdfunds

Patrons have voted to release Don’t Die on Me to the public. You can now listen to it on all my public accounts.

I’m considering adding a new perk to my tiers on Subscribestar. The perk would be a raffle for a free commission. It would be available from tiers $3 and up. The raffle would happen each month and if a person won a previous raffle they wouldn’t be allowed to enter again until next year.

Winners of the raffle are allowed to request whatever they want (as long as it follows my commission guideline. It can’t be related to any of my podcasts) but there is a length limit for how long audio can be depending on the tier the winner is own. Discount Tiers get up to 15 mins, Request Tiers get up to 10 mins, Five Dollar Tier gets up to 5 mins, and Supporter gets up to 3 mins.

*Patreon does not allow raffles or giveaways. So I won’t be able to add the perk on there.

If you’re interested in this perk, please let me know in the poll below.

Subscribestar Poll

Lastly, the idea of hosting mini crowdfunds has been running in my mind for a while now. Basically, the crowdfunds would be for audios that are too expensive for me to foot out of pocket (ex: Up Yours, Geraisker audios, etc).

Thanks to a plugin, I found a way to run crowdfunds on my site. Unfortunately, the plugin doesn’t allow an “all or nothing” way of crowdfunding, meaning if the goal isn’t reached, contributors won’t get a refund.

My solution to this is to have whatever money donated switch over to another project. A project that would be voted on by said contributors only (ex; Venom Audio, Big Dick Loser, etc)

If interested in this idea, please let me know in the poll below.

Feel free to voice your opinion on any of this in the comments below.

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