Happy Year of The Rabbit! Let’s start the year off right. 3 New EAS!!

The adventure to Erebor left Bilbo broken. The hobbit wants nothing more than to rest in his now-empty home. But who is this knocking at his door?

CW: M/M | Confession | First Time | Handjob

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CW: M4A | Older Male | Blowjob

Santa’s a little late this year. Hard traveling around the world with such a heavy sack. If only he had someone who could give him a hand.

Now out on: Patreon | Substar | Itch.io | Gumroad (single) | Gumroad (subs) | Bandcamp | Inkblot | Cohost |

CW: F4A, Femdom, Titfucking, Succubus, Villianness, Teratophilia

Before the succubus ends your life, you have one last request.

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