Thilbo Casting Call

-Must be 21 or over in age

–Length: 14 -page script

-Content: M/M, Handjob, Sappy romance

(Audio is commercial/will be made available on my paid accounts)

Payment methods: (Ko-fi, Stripe, Buymeacoffee, Wise, PP, Cashapp).



Please make sure your recording quality is with minimal background noise or feedback.

Please send lines as a singular .mp3 or .wav file, labeled as [CharacterName_YourName]

Actors may audition for more than one role. If doing so, please make auditions for each character a separate file.

Send auditions to

Please have your age typed out somewhere within the email and/or audition file title. (Your audition will be ignored if you don’t)

(optional but recommended) Please provide some additional contact info.

**Please mention the word “Audition” somewhere in your email (Subject and/or Body). This will lower the risk of your email being sent to spam.

DEADLINE: 12/27/2022 EST 11:59 PM

ABOUT: NSFW fan erotic audio of The Hobbit characters Thorin and Bilbo.

PAY: $130 for Thorin and Bilbo roles (negotiable). $25 for Auctioneer role


LOOKING FOR: British Accent (RP) | Gruff | Deep | 

LINES: (Max 2 takes)

  1. (playful) I noticed the change in decor but thought it was rude to mention.
  2. (saddened) Yes…sorry. I shouldn’t have proclaimed my feelings so abruptly.
  3. (soft and caring) Is this too much for you?
  4. (raspy) Sorry…hah…ah…seeing you like this…It makes me want to…
  5. [short sample of various moans]


LOOKING FOR: British Accent (RP) | Light | Prim | 

LINES: (Max 2 takes)

  1. (concern) Thorin, are you alright? I’ve never seen you this shaken. And I’ve watched you take on the Pale Orc.
  2. (breathy and raspy) Thorin, I never…not with a man.
  3. (frustrated) Yes, all of it. What kind of world is it, that a hobbit can’t leave his home without having his possessions stolen?
  4. [short sample of various moans]

ROLE: Auctioneer

LOOKING FOR: British Accent (RP) | Elder/Old | 

LINES: (Max 2 takes)

  1. (panic) The Shirriffs! Now let’s not get too carried away.
  2. (attempting to calm Bilbo down) What are material goods, anyway? Just things, am I right? Do you really care that much about a few linens and trinkets?
  3. (looking over the contract) And what about this Thorin fellow in this here contract? He sounds pretty high up from the sounds of it.

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