Changes for 2023

Hey, I’m going into the new year with a few important changes and goals.


  • Referring to content as EAS and FEAS.
  • Changing the benefit for Classic Vanilla tier ($10) on Patreon.
    • Added FEAS
  • Capping the Vanilla tier (Patreon) and Support tier (Substar).
  • Adding a $2 tier to Patreon.
  • Jan 2023 will be the last time to vote for any 2022 EAS to be released to the public.
  • New survey
  • Fund still going.
  • 2023 last push for engagement. 2024 less public EAS?


  • I have decided to start referring to my content as EAS (erotic audio stories). For fandom audios, I will use FEAS.
  • I’m changing the “Spin the wheel*” benefit to FEAS. The Classic Vanilla tier will now grant patron access to all FEAS, including exclusive ones. This is only for FEAS. Exclusive EAS will still be only for the French Vanilla tier. And just to extra make sure people aren’t confused:
    • Updated/Current Classic Vanilla tier benefits
      • 50% off on Gumroad Products
      • Benefits of lower tiers 
      • 20% off Commissions
      • Access to exclusive FEAS
    • Current French Vanilla tier benefits
      • Benefits of lower tiers
      • 30% off Commissions
      • Access to exclusive EAS and FEAS

*The last spin the wheel request will still be published.

  • I will cap the lowest tier for both Patreon and Substar. For Patreon, the cap will be 200. Substar will be 300.
    • A new $2 support tier will be added to Patreon.
  • Jan 2023 will be the last time to vote for any 2022 EAS to be released to the public. During that month, I will allow 4 EAS to be chosen. Afterward, any EAS that didn’t make the vote will be kept exclusive.
  • I have a new survey for the upcoming year which you can fill out now!
  • The fund to help me pay for all the software I used to make EAS is still going. Any amount would be appreciated it. 
  • For the past year, I have been desperately trying to get people to engage with my content, a task that seems damn near impossible. To repeat what millions of other content creators have said before me, engaging with our content is EXTREMELY important. Comments help me know what my audience like. Sharing helps spread my content.
  • To be even more direct, when I post my content publicly and it gets little/no engagement, I suffer both mentally and financially.  Mentally as running ghost accounts (where people don’t interact with my content) is draining, hence why I “deleted” my guilded and furaffinty account. It leaves me constantly confuse about what my audience wants as I’m receiving little to no feedback. It also just sucks to spend days and weeks on something just to upload it and be met with silence. Feels bad man.
  • Majority of my EAS don’t even break even when I post them for sale, so when I upload them for free, It is a huge hit to my pocket.
  • So, I have made next year my last year “chasing” engagement. If I don’t see any boost in engagement by the end of next year. I’m going to be limiting the amount of free EAS released as well as limiting the platforms I post to.
  • I’m sorry, but I have to do what is best for me mentally and financially.
  • Please, please, please, comment and/or share my work

One response to “Changes for 2023”

  1. I’m sorry to see you’re struggling. I will be better in 2023.


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