Casting Call: Greek Mythology – Admetus and Apollo

-Must be 21 or over in age

–Length: 15 -page script

-Content: M/M, Infidelity, Blowjob, Handjob, Anal

(Audio is a private commission. Will not be made public)

Payment methods: (Ko-fi, Stripe, Buymeacoffee, Wise, PP).



Please make sure your recording quality is with minimal background noise or feedback.

Please send lines as a singular .mp3 or .wav file, labeled as [CharacterName_YourName]

Actors may audition for more than one role. If doing so, please make auditions for each character a separate file.

Send auditions to

Please have your age typed out somewhere within the email and/or audition file title. (Your audition will be ignored if you don’t)

(optional but recommended) Please provide some additional contact info.

DEADLINE: 11/30/2022 EST 11:59 PM

PROJECT: Admetus and Apollo

ABOUT: Based on Greek Mythology., On the day of his wedding, Admetus is greeted by the sun god, Apollo. Apollo warns the king that Artemis wishes to kill him. Admetus ask Apollo for his help, which the sun god gladly gives but in return, Apollo wants something from Admetus…his wedding night.

PAY: Your rates.

ROLE: Apollo

ABOUT THE CHARACTER: Apollo is deeply in love with Admetus and he holds much resentment toward Admetus’s wife, Alcestis.

TRAITS: Love Sick | Romantic | Jealous | Bitter | 

LINES: (Max 3 takes)

  1. (cheerful) Ah, Admetus! My dear friend. Come and sit with me.
  2. (nonchalant) You know how we gods are. You forget to make one measly, little sacrifice and we’re ready to punish you and your village.
  3. (lust) No man should be robbed of their wedding night, Admetus. So let me give you yours.
  4. (frustrated) For the same reason, I toiled in the fields for you. For the same reason, I tricked the fates for you. For the same reason, I gave you my chariot in order to win that senseless woman you now call your wife.
  5. [short sample of various moans]

ROLE: Admetus

ABOUT THE CHARACTER: A newly wedded king who wishes to protect his life, wife, and kingdom.

TRAITS: Affectionate | Playful | Obtuse | 

LINES: (Max 3 takes)

  1. (determined) I will track down this fiend myself; so help me. Stay here for the night, Alcestis. There are guards outside the door. They will protect you.
  2. (crestfallen) Sacrifice? I can’t believe it. Did I truly forget?
  3. (ashamed) Forgive me, Apollo. It’s just that you gods can be so fickle. You can turn from kind to vengeful at just the slightest breeze.
  4. (receiving a blowjob) Apollo…ah…by the gods…hah…
  5. [short sample of various moans]

ROLE: Alcestis*

*minor role

ABOUT THE CHARACTER: A newly wedded queen to Admetus

TRAITS: Affectionate | Frighten | Worried | 

LINES: (Max 3 takes)

  1. (Scared and in disbelief) Snakes, Admetus! In our bedroom!
  2. (affectionate) Yes! It was wonderful. More than I could have ever hoped for.
  3. (in disbelief) This had to be planned, Admetus. And on our wedding night of all nights.

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