Casting Call: Sparks

-Must be 21 or over in age

–Length: 14 -page script

-Content: Robophilia, Wireplay, Hand job

(Audio will be released on paid accounts)

Payment methods: (Ko-fi, Stripe, Buymeacoffee, Wise, PP).



Please make sure your recording quality is with minimal background noise or feedback.

Please send lines as a singular .mp3 or .wav file, labeled as [CharacterName_YourName]

Actors may audition for more than one role. If doing so, please make auditions for each character a separate file.

Send auditions to

Please have your age typed out somewhere within the email and/or audition file title. (Your audition will be ignored if you don’t)

(optional but recommended) Please provide some additional contact info.

DEADLINE: 11/11/2022 EST 11:59 PM

Project: Sparks

About: A fighting droid is in need of some repair. During the repair, both the engineer and droid discover that certain parts of his body (wires) cause the droid to experience the equivalent of a human orgasm

Pay: Your rates.

Role: QT

About the character: QT is a giant, burly, fighting robot. He is obsessed with upgrading his body and wants to become the most powerful robot in the boxing ring.

Traits: Hot Headed | Single Minded | Easily Embarrassed | Competitive |

Voice type: Gruff | Warm | Low Pitched

Lines: (Max 3 takes)

  1. (raspy and trying to fight off a moan)
    Jesus, Doc. What are you doing down there?

2. (embarrassed)
Listen, I don’t know what…that was, but you were obviously the one who caused it.

3. (smug)
How does it feel to be on the other end, Doc?

4. [Small audio clip of various moans you can do]

Role: Doc/Sebastion

About: A surgeon turned engineer who hates humans but loves robots. His strong attraction to robotic bodies often causes him to take too much “joy” from his work.

Traits: Lazy | Pervert| Smart | Robot-Otaku

Voice type: Crisp | Honeyed

Lines: (Max 3 take)

  1. (groggy and annoyed)
    Jesus, QT. Are you a boxer or an air horn? [Yawn]

2. (manic excitement)
This is wonderful! Incredible! News breaking!

3. [Context: being stroked off]
Hah…gnk…fucking amazing!
Didn’t know these hands of yours knew how to do anything besides throwing a sloppy punch.

4. [Small audio clip of various moans you can do]

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