💲Casting Call: 2 Projects, 3 Roles

-Must be 21 or over in age

Length: The Witch Who Cried Wolf (7-page script), Cryptid Hunter: The Beast (11-Page script)

-Content: The Witch Who Cried Wolf (M/F, Cunnilingus, Vaginal, Anal, Terato), Cryptid Hunter: The Beast (TM/M, Handjob, Pegging, Terato)

(Audio will be released on paid accounts)

Payment methods: (Ko-fi, Stripe, Buymeacoffee, Wise, PP).



Please make sure your recording quality is with minimal background noise or feedback.

Please send lines as a singular .mp3 or .wav file, labeled as [CharacterName_YourName]

Actors may audition for more than one role. If doing so, please make auditions for each character a separate file.

Send auditions to chelseamakespodcasts@outlook.com

Please have your age typed out somewhere within the email and/or audition file title. (Your audition will be ignored if you don’t)

(optional but recommended) Please provide some additional contact.

DEADLINE: 9/12/2022 EST 11:59 PM

Project: The Witch Who Cried Wolf

About: A witch accidentally turns her boyfriend into a werewolf.

Pay: Your rates.

Role: Werewolf BF

Lines: (They are any “speaking” lines for this role. Instead, I ask you to send in various grunts, growls, and howls in for your audition.) You are free to add special effects to your audition lines, but it’s not required.

Project: Cryptid Hunter: The Beast

About: A funny twist on Beauty and the Beast. The rose of the petal has fallen and the Beast is now a beast forever. As the Beast rages about this, a cryptid hunter barges in. Sex ensues.

Role: Beast

Pay: $170

Traits: Overdramatic | Touch-starved | Easily angry | Himbo | Comedic

Voice type: Gruff | Warm | Low Pitched

Lines: (Max 3 takes)

  1. (angry) The last petal has fallen. Thanks to that accursed witch, I’m destined to be in this hideous form forever. Why shouldn’t I act like the foul creature I’m meant to be!?
  1. (embarrassed) Don’t look at that, you pervert!
  1. (aroused) No one’s…hah…ever touched mee-ah…down there…
  1. (on edge/about to cum)S-something…something about to…ah

…s-something c-c-coooming…

  1. (sample of moans, grunts, and pants that varies from soft, loud, fast, and incoherent)

Role: LAMPE (minor role/Sfw)

Pay: $20

Traits: Lumière parody | Charismatic| Subservient

Voice type: French accent 

Lines: (Max 1 take)

  1. (frighten) Please calm yourself, Master.
  2. (comforting)It isn’t all bad, master.
  3. I may be nothing but a lamp now, but you still have me.

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