State of Fuck Humans

Hello, everyone. The information below is going to go in on everything I have done or been doing since the end of season 1 of Fuck Humans. It’s going to explain all the issues and problems I’ve encountered with trying to get a season 2 going, as well as some other things.

First, some good news. Thanks to donations (as well as using money from some sales of my side projects) the FH cast has been fully reimbursed. I still need to do some double-checking with a few of the VAs to make sure they received their funds, but other than that Season 1 has been “funded”.

The kofi will remain open to help the creation of season 2 (get more on that below). Now with that explained, I want to say that I’m well aware that I am extremely behind on delivering more Cabin Days stories. There were a lot of things going on in my irl that kept me from focusing on this benefit. I will back into the routine of uploading these stores by mid-august. Now on to why you’re reading this.

For the past year, I have been trying to start a crowdfund for season 2 of FH…however, I’ve encountered some issues that has made the process easy.

  1. Help with Crowdfunding

As I mentioned before outside of VAs, I’m making FH by myself. This means running a crowdfund would be handled only by me, and let me tell you, running a crowdfund is a job within itself. That’s why for the past few months I’ve been desperately searching for a crowdfunding manager to help me with the process. The issue with this is that “professional” crowdfund managers cost quite a lot of money ( around 1k to 3k). I also want a crowdfund manager who is experienced with NSFW projects AND has helped fund at least one successful campaign. So far my attempts to find such a manager has been…nada.

Now if the funding goal for season 2 was low, it’s possible I could manage this all by myself BUT

  1. Budget and Help (again)

So at a minimum the crowdfund for the goal for season 2 would be around 10k. And I need to stress that’s at MINIMUM. Reality wise even if I were to meet that goal I would still have to scrap off some money from my irl work and side projects to make season 2 happen.

I also REALLY need to hire help for season 2. Season 1 was a pretty ambitious project for one person to do by themselves and honestly, I don’t want to go through that again. Ideally, I want to hire one person to help with script editing and another for audio editing. Of course, they would have to be paid, which adds to the goal amount.

  1. Voice actors

If season 2 does somehow get funded, there is another issue at hand. There are a few main voices that may not be able to return. I don’t want to say which VAs, but they’re PRETTY vital to the story.

If that’s the case, I may have to recast, which could also result in fewer people donating to the crowdfund.

So yeah…that’s the situation I’m end right now. I’m very much open to suggestions and ideas. I would also like to hear how some of you would feel if important VAs were missing from the show.

One response to “State of Fuck Humans”

  1. Personally, I’m more invested in seeing a season 2 than I am in seeing every single voice actor return. I’m more invested in the characters above all else, so I think after a while I’d just get used to the new voice! Wishing you well on this, thanks for letting us know!


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