Casting Call: Franny & Leif in a Cave (Working Title)

-Must be 21 or over in age
-Pay is your rates
-Length: Short (8-page script)
-Content: Fingering, Vaginal, M/F

(Audio will be release on paid accounts first and then release to the public later)



  • Please make sure your recording quality is with minimal background noise or feedback.
  • Please send lines as a singular .mp3 or .wav file, labeled as [CharacterName_YourName]
  • Actors may audition for more than one role. If doing so, please make auditions for each character a separate file.
  • Send auditions to
  • Please have your age typed out somewhere within the email and/or audition file title. (Your audition will be ignored if you don’t)
  • (optional but recommended) Please provide some additional contact.

DEADLINE: April 11th, 2022 [11:59 PM EST]


A happy and extremely oblivious adventurer, Leif encompasses the definition of himbo: big, nice, and stupid. He’s always getting himself into dangerous situations (some of which, Franny has to help him out of) in order to help someone he’s met or fulfill a request a town gave him. He’s extremely kind and warm, always wanting to do his best.

Vocal directions/tones for this character: Similar to Goku’s original english voice, more so for the performance of a guy who is big, happy, and DUMB AS HELL. Leif is utterly genuine but so, so dense.

(3 takes max)

1. (pouting) What I wouldn’t give to be in a nice, comfy, inn right now. Or at the very least, have someone with me.

2. (meekly) Well…it would be a shame if you came all the way out here for nothing.

3. (aroused) You’re so soft…and cute…and…and sexy! I didn’t even know it was possible to be both at the same time.

4. (30 sec of a variety of moans and grunts)


Shortstack succubus who loves to dom and tease. She’s generally easy-going, polite, and flirty. She’s very understanding and generally good-humored.

Vocal directions/tones for this character: She was heavily influenced by Midna’s design, so the only kind of voice claim I have is Midna’s laugh. She doesn’t need to sound impish, she just needs to sound polite, in control, and very sexy! A sweet little impish laugh is a plus, and I’m very open to a slight British accent.

(3 takes max)

1. (flirty) You must be dreadfully lonely, darling. I could sense you thinking of me from miles away.

2. (accusing and pouty) What’s the deal summoning me to an awful place like this?

3. (sweet) You’re fine, dear. I enjoy your company too much to ever think it’s trouble.

4. (30 sec of a variety of moans and pants)

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