New Public Audio, New Exclusive Audio, New Captioned Audio

Up Yours 4 has been captioned.

If you would to request an audio to be captioned, please go here.

The Tentakel | Features: M/M, Anal, Tentacles, Handjob, Overstimulation

SynopsisA monster gets too handsy ( or more like tentacley) with Jaskier…much to Geralt’s annoyance

Available on: Pornhub, OnlyfansGuildedFuraffinityAo3,

Big Dick Loser 4: Second Skin | Features: M4M, Handjob, Lingerie, Semi-public sex

SynopsisThe Bully has a secret

Available on :  Patreon, SubscribestarBandcamp, Itch.ioOnlyfans, GumroadGuilded

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