So about Gumroad

Recently it has been discovered that Gumroad was planning on working with NFTs and once the news was out, the founder of Gumroad responded…for lack of a better word poorly.

I am very much against NFTs/Crypto due to environmental concerns and the ramping scams and stealing of artists’ work.

While Gumroad isn’t the only company that has come out in “support” of NFTs, it is one of the few companies I can fight against because of it.

There is no such thing as ethical consumption under capitalism, but in this case, I still have some options open. I currently have two options where I can move shop to 1) Itchi.o 2) BigCartel.

Now there are some negatives to switching to either of these platforms.

  1. The Gumroad Subscription pack will obviously be gone.
  2. Incase of, I won’t be able to offer discount codes (very important note if you’re a part of my patreon tier which offers a discount for majority of the tiers).
    1. Actually, after doing a bit more research, it seems as if I can offer discount codes on

So for those of you who have purchased from my Gumroad (please this is a very important decision that can affect me financially, so no added votes from non-buyers)

Which decision would you like me to go with?

3 responses to “So about Gumroad”

  1. I’d never heard about Big Cartel before, and looking at the website I feel utterly lost.


  2. I appreciate the update here – it’s awesome of you to give followers a choice in this matter as I’m pretty dedicated to avoiding NFT supporters/users where I can. ❤


  3. […] as I’m still trying to figure out what to do with Gumroad. (You can help decide what to do here. […]


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