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Up Yours 6: Elevator MusicDays have passed since Percy and Hector called it quits.  Things are fine, tense, but fine…then Percy sees Hector on a date.CWM/M, Elevator Sex, Anal, Enemies to Lovers Now out on: Patreon | Substar Gumroad (single) | Gumroad (subs) | Bandcamp | Onlyfans 

A vampiric Jack Ripper is on the loose. Jaskier goes undercover to bring the monster out. Geralt can’t help but find the bard’s disguise a bit too distracting.

CWM/M, Vampire, Sex Work, Possessiveness, Biting, Nipple Sucking, Handjob, Frottage

Now out on: Patreon | Substar | | Gumroad (single) | Gumroad (subs) | Bandcamp | Onlyfans | 

Royal Duties| Features: TM/M, Sex Exploration, Prince/Knight, Chilivary, Legal Age Gap, Blowjob, Handjob, Kissing, Fingering, L-word, Bittersweet Ending

Synopsis: A Knight comforts his Prince after discovering that he is to be wed to someone he doesn’t love.

Available on: Patreon Substar | | Gumroad (single) | Gumroad (subs) | Bandcamp | Onlyfans | Fansly

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