This Month’s Releases

The current audios below are previews only. May also contain 18+ content. Listener discretion advised

The Tentakel | Features: M/M, Anal, Tentacles, Handjob, Overstimulation

SynopsisA monster gets too handsy ( or more like tentacley) with Jaskier…much to Geralt’s annoyance

Available on: PornhubOnlyfansGuildedFuraffinityAo3,

Big Dick Loser 4: Second Skin | Features: M4M, Handjob, Lingerie, Semi-public sex

SynopsisThe Bully has a secret

Available on :  Patreon,SubscribestarBandcamp,Itch.ioOnlyfans,GumroadGuilded,

Total Eclipse | Features: NB/NB, Penetration

SynopsisMoon and Sun to meet during an eclipse.

Available on Subscribestar | Patreon | Bandcamp | | Guilded (subs) | Gumroad

Don’t Die On Me | Features: M/M, Anal, Slight domination, Emotions?

SynopsisJaskier and Geralt have an “intense” conversation

Available on :  Patreon, SubscribestarBandcamp, Itch.ioOnlyfans, Gumroad, Guilded, Furaffinity, Ao3, and Twitter

Advent | Features: M/M, Oral, Rimming, Religion

SynopsisContinuation of Pray. This time…the demon is staying.

Available on :  PatreonSubscribestarBandcampItch.ioOnlyfans, and Gumroad

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