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New Public Audio: Sir

The old cowboy starts his massage off cranky but finishes with a happy ending. Now out on: Inkblot | Cohost

New Public Audio: Good

Maybe if Geralt used his words more, it wouldn’t take Jaskier 5 orgasms in to realize the witcher was angry with him. CW: TM/M, Cunnilingus, Facefucking, Vaginal fingering, Vaginal Penetration, Multiple Orgasms, Overstimulation, Mention of force kissing Inkblot | Cohost | Pornhub

Casting Call: Greek Mythology – Admetus and Apollo

-Must be 21 or over in age –Length: 15 -page script -Content: M/M, Infidelity, Blowjob, Handjob, Anal (Audio is a private commission. Will not be made public) Payment methods: (Ko-fi, Stripe, Buymeacoffee, Wise, PP). — DO NOT POST THIS CASTING CALL TO ANY SERVERS OR FORUMS WITHOUT MY PERMISSION– AUDITION GUIDELINES Please make sure your […]

New Exclusive Audio: Camboy Venom

Chocolate doesn’t buy itself. CW: Tentacles, Anal Now out on: Patreon | Substar | Itch.io | Gumroad (single) | Gumroad (subs) | Bandcamp | 


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