• You must be 18 or older to commission. 
  • I reserve the right to refuse any commission for any reason.
  • I reserve the right to sell or distribute the audio as I please (OnlyFans, Patreon and Gumroad) unless the “Personal Fee” is paid for.
  • You will credit me for script and audio if you choose to upload on any website or social platforms. You will do the same for any VAs included in the audio.
  • I don’t write NSFW scripts or do NSFW audio editing for Voice Actors under 21.
  • You must get the “okay” from me before posting your commission to a platform/website. ( I’m generally okay with it as long as the site is minor or bigot heavy, but please check with me first

Nothing made by me and/or I contribute to may be used in any blockchain-related technology, including NFTS, cryptocurrency, or future inventions in the space.

How To Commission

  • Fill out this form or email me at (
  • Be straightforward with what you want commissioned. Be as detailed as possible as to what you would like. (Kinks, scenarios, genders). I don’t respond to just ‘Hi’ messages.
  • Once we have agreed on a price, I will send you an invoice through PayPal and once it is paid in full or partial payment. Your project will not be started until I receive payment.

What To Expect When You Receive Your Commission

.wav audio file of your commission

Script in pdf

(If you’d like any specific changes to audio like different file formats or raw audio, please let me know!)

Average Delivery Time

2-3 weeks

(Please note that this is an average delivery time! Delivery time will vary depending on how much content is being recorded, your slot in my queue, holidays, etc. If there is any delay in your commission, I will be sure to notify you right away.)

Contact Info


Twitter: @cmakesp

Audio Programs

Reaper and Audacity with plugins

!!WON’T DO!!

Scripts or edit work for VAs under 21.



Incest (Includes adoptees and step-siblings)

Hateful/bigotry content


*I’ve opened to the ideal of watersports but nothing too intense.



Celebrities/Real Life people

Raceplay/Fetishzing of one race, sexuality, or gender

Underage or Aged up



Sound Editing/Designing

No Sfx/Music: $20 per minute of audio. (Ex: 10 minutes=  $200)

Sfx/Music: $50 per minute of audio (Ex: 10 minutes= $500)

No Sfx/Music (for audio featuring trans character): $15 per minute of audio (Ex: 10 minutes= $150)

Sfx/Music (for audio featuring trans character): $25 per minute of audio (Ex: 10 minutes= $250)

*Patrons and Subscribestar members qualify for a discount depending on the level


$7 per page

Sensitivity Reading for Black characters*

$3 per 100 words. (Contact me for bigger projects)


VA FEE: $50 per VA needed in audio

RUSH FEE: +30% of original price

PERSONAL FEE: +$30 (Only applies for Non-commercial projects)


Wise – (+1.5%)

Cash App – (+ 1.75%)

Stripe – (+3%)

Gumroad – (+7%) – (+10%)

🅿ay🅿al – (+25%)

*Other payment option can be discuss Please make sure whatever payment option you would like to use is available in Japan (where I live). Mention Crypto or NFTs and you will be blocked and your commission cancelled.

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